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Monday, June 8, 2009

Was Actor Murdered, Suicidal or Asphyxiated?

I'm sure you've heard the stunning, awful news about actor David Carradine. What do you think? Was it something devious since his hands were reportedly bound behind his back or did he accidentally strangle himself while doing a strange sex act called AEA (autoerotic asphyxiation).

How embarrassing to be found like that. I feel for his family. We have healthcare worker friends who say AEA is fairly common but it's always kept quiet and especially out of the news because it's so embarrassing, weird and deviant.

Another question: Would you ever have a character die from AEA?


Shirley McCann said...

When I heard he was found hanging in a closet, AEA was the first thing I thought of. A Medical Examiner we once had as a speaker talked about this very thing, which isn't all that uncommon.

Sad that his family has to go through that, though.

It will be interesting to watch and see how they actually determine whether it was AEA or not.

Palooski65 said...

Hard to imagine that it was suicide but you never know. There are usually no signs except in hindsight. According to the newspaper, Keith (his half-brother) is already threatening to sue any tabloid that prints any pics that picture his body. It would be terrible to be so high-profile that such distasteful things seem "fair game."

Always liked him on Wild West Tech on the History Channel.

http://kellyscountry.blogspot.com said...

Coming in late on this. But my erotic suspense is based on a serial killer where the victims are found from apparent AEA. A common term is Breath Play and is popular in the underground sex clubs. What begins as a very intense sexual rush can turn deadly if either you're in it for your own fun or your partner isn't quick enough to release the tension.