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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Changing the Rules - Is it Grounds For Murder?

I read a blog posting at Writing and Publishing News telling about the new rules for spaces after sentences. When I was in school, in ancient days, the rule was to use two spaces after a sentence. Now I'm reading that I should only use one.

I'm trying it now. It's not easy to do! It's like learning to walk and talk all over again! I keep having to backspace to see if I actually put just one space between the sentences.

I'm curious. Has anyone started using this practice in their writing? If so, are you having as much difficulty as I am? Can't editors just wait for all of us old folks to die off before making the new rules permanent?

Feedback please! And please try to type using only one space between the sentences.


RTHRBRTN said...

One space after sentences has been on my writing rules for the SS lessons for some time. I use it for everything. You can set your computer up to show if you leave more than one space. Can't remember how just now but I'll try to find it and get back to you.

Wanda said...

whybotherusinganyspacesatallorforthatmatteranycapitalsorother punctuationmarksjustletthereaderfigureitoutoopswhatreader

RTHRBRTN said...

I finally found it. Microsoft doesn't make anything easy.

Go to tools, then spelling and grammer, then options, then setting. There are several things there you can cause to be checked automatically.

Shirley McCann said...

Thanks Pat. I'll look for that tomorrow and see if I can start writing right!!!

Palooski65 said...

I've been doing that for awhile but it was extremely hard for me to change--old habits die hard. I think Wanda has a point--think of all the paper we'd save if we just ran it altogether. Might be able to reclaim a forest or two. LOL

Besides, I think that they should quit "dumbing down" all the rules, anyway. Let the new generation learn it the same as we did--why should they get all the breaks?

whome? said...

I went back and checked how you wrote the post and was very surprised to find that I hadn't even been aware of the one space after a sentence! Sigh
Maybe it's just to save space on the page? Can't think of any other reasonable explanation.

Beth said...

I was aware of this rule about two years ago but still catch myself with the drilled-into-my-head two spaces after each sentence. It's always hard to change.

Sharon said...

I was clued into the one space at the end of a sentence at a writers workshop. I was surprised that it didn't take long for me to adapt to the space, especially since I'd been doing two spaces for close to 45 years.

It saves space.