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Friday, February 6, 2009

Tip-Toe Burglar at mmy hhhouse!

Yes, indeed the infamous Tip-Toe Burglar waltzed his way successfully into my house in the wee hours one morning. He was an Expert at tip-toeing 'cause our dog apparently never even heard him. Later, when I got up, I found the back door, the porch door, and the gate all hangin' open.
How's that for a creepy feeling once your mind starts comin' up with possible answers?

The window incident was somewhere else in the neighborhood. I certainly don't understand how anyone could take out an entire window and neatly prop the pieces up against a tree just to gain entry, but this guy did.

The police found out, apparently, as was reported in the paper, but couldn't arrest him because there was no proof. So they told him to "Get Outta Dodge." He either did just that, or he quit his lucrative cash only hobby; we've never heard from or about him again.

PS The dog did a Wonderful job barking at the police when they came!


Shirley McCann said...

That would definitely freak me out. But here's a question for you. Since I have an alarm system in my house, and I'm sure others do to, consider this. Would it scare you more to realize that someone had been in your house and left unannounced? Or would it make you feel better to wake up suddenly to a blaring alarm and KNOW that someone was in your house! Honestly, I'm NOT sure about that. Scary stuff!

Beth said...

I would rather hear the alarm and hope that it scared the burglars away. Of course, hearing the shrill alarm might give me a heart attack first. Who knows?! Scary that you awakened to those opened doors and knew someone had been in your home. Ugh.