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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be Careful With Your Notes

I watched Dateline a few weeks ago. The story was about a husband who poisoned his wife using anti-freeze. That seemed like good novel material so I made several notes. I included the symptoms from such a poisoning and also jotted down other ways to poison someone. All this was for my fiction writing, of course, but I left my notes on a table near the couch. While drinking coffee one morning, my husband leaned forward and picked up my yellow pad. He read it intently and looked at me with concern in his eyes. "Are you going to poison me?" he asked. I laughed, hugged him and assurred him I had no plans for that. I explained the show and my notes and he seemed satisfied. So...be careful with your notes!


Shirley McCann said...

Oh, that is just TOO funny! My husband always says he's already told the M.E. to check for unnatural causes in the event of his death. Got all these books on how to murder people.

Seems like there was a television show a few years back where a mystery writer actually DID kill his wife. Don't think they got away with it, though. Kinda seems a bit obvious, doesn't it?

RTHRBRTN said...

I told my family when I die and they go through my notes "Do not believe anything you see written there - I write fiction!"