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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tiptoe Bandit

Since Nancy hasn't signed onto this blog yet, I'll try to remember what she told me about the Tiptoe Bandit. Apparently, this happened to her several years ago.

The thief was called the Tiptoe Bandit because he entered homes while people were home, stole their wallets, left, took the money, left the wallet and credit cards along the street somewhere, and NO ONE ever knew he was in the house until they couldn't find their wallets!!!!

This actually happened to some of the exchange students who were staying with her at the time. I believe she said that the bandit actually removed the window to get inside. Might want to ask her about that, cause I don't see how he could do that. But it is scary to think someone could get inside your house while you're sleeping and no one ever noticed!!

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