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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where Do You Work?

I truly enjoyed Beverly's presentation yesterday at Sleuth's. I think I will use the scene card a lot. That is one of those things that we think "Gee, wish I had thought of that."

I talked with Beverly over lunch about her office downtown. She has done what many of us wish we could do. Have our writing space outside the house, away from distractions. I love to read about the places celebrities write. So - tell me where you write.

I remember the days of writing on the kitchen table, then moving everything for every meal (or homework assist). I remember taking my trusty yellow tablet everywhere I went and scribbling as I waited for kids or husband. My son once told someone, "My mom takes a tablet and a camera everywhere she goes."

Then one day, husband and I bought a business. I had my own office, my own typewriter, my own copy machine. Nevermind that 99% of my time in the office was taken doing business things. I had a place to leave my 'stuff' where no one else would bother it.

Well, that was some time ago and my writing space has evolved. From a corner in the bedroom to the dining room table Now after all these years, I have an office. True, it is still a corner of a room. My desk is in the end of the den. I have a table and bookshelfs and no one bothers all the mess I leave on the desk because no one is here to care if I leave a mess. Now I pack my laptop AND my yellow tablet (camera too) when I travel, but the files and the ideas are safe in my 'office.'

Now, tell me - where do you work?


Shirley McCann said...

Wow. I didn't know Beverly had a REAL office outside her house! How cool is that? Although, I have to admit that I really do enjoy getting up early sometimes, still in jammies, with a cup of tea, and sitting at my computer. I'd probably have to get dressed if I actually left the house!!

My office has evolved a bit too. I now have a nook in my bedroom where I have my desk and PC. It's usually pretty cluttered, but it's my own room, so who cares.

I also have a study upstairs where I have a small table and chairs. I use my laptop when I'm up there.

Beth said...

I was sitting by Beverly when she talked about her cool downtown office that's shared by other artists. I think that's great. The only downfall is what Shirley mentioned (and what I also said to Beverly) "Well, that's one way to get me out of my pj's or sweats!"

My office is above our garage. It's actually a "bonus" room with a sitting area and a television that has been on the blink for two years (that's a good thing). There's also a bathroom--and about 20 stairs that I climb up and down several times a day so I get exercise, too. I hate to file so I have several "file" piles as well as my ms that I'm editing. I also have books and pictures on the shelf above my desk. I've had a dartboard for years (magnetic darts) and I keep forgetting to hang it. I also bought a wipe-off board to organize my characters and plot lines but instead used it for my OTC class. My office is somewhat organized (not really).

I'd love to be one of those writers who could take a laptop to a coffee shop and write. Maybe in the beginning of a novel or short story I could manage it. If I'm on a deadline, editing or nearing the end of a novel, I don't like noise so the coffee shop is out unless, of course, I just want some coffee!