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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where Do You Work?

I truly enjoyed Beverly's presentation yesterday at Sleuth's. I think I will use the scene card a lot. That is one of those things that we think "Gee, wish I had thought of that."

I talked with Beverly over lunch about her office downtown. She has done what many of us wish we could do. Have our writing space outside the house, away from distractions. I love to read about the places celebrities write. So - tell me where you write.

I remember the days of writing on the kitchen table, then moving everything for every meal (or homework assist). I remember taking my trusty yellow tablet everywhere I went and scribbling as I waited for kids or husband. My son once told someone, "My mom takes a tablet and a camera everywhere she goes."

Then one day, husband and I bought a business. I had my own office, my own typewriter, my own copy machine. Nevermind that 99% of my time in the office was taken doing business things. I had a place to leave my 'stuff' where no one else would bother it.

Well, that was some time ago and my writing space has evolved. From a corner in the bedroom to the dining room table Now after all these years, I have an office. True, it is still a corner of a room. My desk is in the end of the den. I have a table and bookshelfs and no one bothers all the mess I leave on the desk because no one is here to care if I leave a mess. Now I pack my laptop AND my yellow tablet (camera too) when I travel, but the files and the ideas are safe in my 'office.'

Now, tell me - where do you work?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be Careful With Your Notes

I watched Dateline a few weeks ago. The story was about a husband who poisoned his wife using anti-freeze. That seemed like good novel material so I made several notes. I included the symptoms from such a poisoning and also jotted down other ways to poison someone. All this was for my fiction writing, of course, but I left my notes on a table near the couch. While drinking coffee one morning, my husband leaned forward and picked up my yellow pad. He read it intently and looked at me with concern in his eyes. "Are you going to poison me?" he asked. I laughed, hugged him and assurred him I had no plans for that. I explained the show and my notes and he seemed satisfied. So...be careful with your notes!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tip-Toe Burglar at mmy hhhouse!

Yes, indeed the infamous Tip-Toe Burglar waltzed his way successfully into my house in the wee hours one morning. He was an Expert at tip-toeing 'cause our dog apparently never even heard him. Later, when I got up, I found the back door, the porch door, and the gate all hangin' open.
How's that for a creepy feeling once your mind starts comin' up with possible answers?

The window incident was somewhere else in the neighborhood. I certainly don't understand how anyone could take out an entire window and neatly prop the pieces up against a tree just to gain entry, but this guy did.

The police found out, apparently, as was reported in the paper, but couldn't arrest him because there was no proof. So they told him to "Get Outta Dodge." He either did just that, or he quit his lucrative cash only hobby; we've never heard from or about him again.

PS The dog did a Wonderful job barking at the police when they came!