Monday, April 8, 2019

April Speaker/ Susan Keene on Writing

cropped-Susan-Keene-Facebook-Crop-1.jpgSusan spent years in the medical profession. During that time she spent two years taking x-rays in the morgue at St. Louis County Hospital to help doctors find cause of death of any and all bodies found outside the hospital arena, and spent seven years on the Trauma Team at De Paul Hospital in St. Louis.
Susan lives on a working farm in the beautiful Ozarks.
She has had an eclectic background from which she garners ideas for mystery novels.
She later worked for a national company as a trouble shooter. Her last job with a boss was as a sales trainer.
She retired at age fifty-five to run a pickle factory, Dinah's Kitchen.
Susan's great loves are her daughter and her grand children.  She is an avid reader. Her favorite hobby is to run her metal detector around the farm which is registered as part of the Trail of Tears.

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