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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why Writer's Groups Are Important


Do you belong to a writer's group? If not -- why not?

Maybe you don't know of any in your area. Maybe you think you don't need it. Or, perhaps you are an introvert and meeting new people gives you hives.

Here are a few reasons I love my writer's group.

  1. Writing is a solitary endeavor. And let's face it, no matter how much you enjoy your own company, it's important to interact with others. If only to get a fresh perspective on your current work or get ideas for future stories. And although the local coffee shop's barista has a lovely smile, she probably can't tell you the difference between a simile and a metaphor.  
  2. Some groups have really great speakers. Just this year at Sleuths' meetings we've heard from a court recorder, a Karate expert, an arson investigator, and a newsroom producer. That's just a partial list. In short, I've learned how to start a fire, report the fire, defend myself at the fire and how the court will keep a record of my trial. Or, ummm, how my characters could all do these things. 
  3. Advice, feedback, and encouragement. Not sure how to write that query letter? I bet somebody in the group could help. Not sure the last passage you wrote is worth keeping? Ask that person next to you if they would mind giving you an opinion. Just got another rejection letter? "Great, at least you're trying. Keep sending it out there. You never know."

Still not convinced? Just come to one of our meetings and then decide. Don't write mysteries? We don't care. Our members write in all genres. Or if you don't live nearby, find a group close to you. I guarantee there is at least one. Just check online. Or maybe that nice barista can steer you in the right direction. Because we all know how much writers love coffee shops.  


Shirley said...

The friends I've made with writers groups are long lasting. I treasure those moments when we all get together.

Liz Roberts said...
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Liz Roberts said...

Great blog, Wanda! Your posts here should really intrigue potential visitors.

Tierney James said...

This is an amazing group of writers who lift each other up and have a lot of laughs to encourage and inspire.