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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ron Davis to Speak at Sleuths' Ink, March 12th

Ron Davis is one of the most honored journalists in the Ozarks, with a career spanning all mediums.

Davis has covered the Ozarks and called it home since 1983. In that time, he has won more than 100 local, state, regional and national awards for journalism and writing.

He served as news director of KSMU; special writer at the News-Leader; and founding editor of 417 Magazine. After a brief detour into politics and public relations, Davis returned to journalism in 2007, accepting the position of senior producer at KSPR, the ABC affiliate.

Career highlights:
-Two-time winner, outstanding achievement in writing, Gannett
-Nine-time Best of Gannett winner, newspaper
-National Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting, radio
-Regional Emmy award, television

Of particular note to Sleuths' Ink members: Davis has covered more than 100 criminal cases and more than two dozen murder trials, starting with the Jackie Johns case (1985) and continuing through the conviction of Gerald Carnahan (2010).


Shirley said...

GREAT MEETING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Yes, it was!!!

Palooski65 said...

Fantastic meeting with Ron Davis. I'm already eager for October when he'll speak again.
Enjoyed watching the expressions of everyone in the meeting--such intense attention by ALL. He certainly had a rapt audience.