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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Shirley McCann was first to 50,000 words
Stephanie Jarkins second to 50,000 words
Lynn Frederickson third to 50,000 words

Best title: Vera Jane Goodin-Schultz
Best Plot outline: Nancy Crandall
Best Setting: Beverly Crandell
Most unique character name: Vera Jane Goodin-Schultz
Most unique occupation:Cecily Cornelius-White
Best promotional blurb: Kelly Henkins
Author's Favorite Line: Beth Carter
Best Cliff Hanger: Sharon Kizzah-Holmes
Best First Page: Cecily Cornelius-White

$100 cash was presented to one of the eight particpants who reached their 50,000-word goal in January. All eight names were placed in a pot, then the winner drawn!!!! That lucky winner was SHARON BUFFINGTON!

Congratulations to everyone who participated. We hope you'll join us again next year.


Daniel said...


at Boracay Island with my parents. My father almost fainted when we had to ride a tug boat to go to the island. More later. Great for a writer's retreat, but not a blanket invitation conference.

Daniel Escurel Occeno.

Daniel said...

Hey Sleuths' Ink, Boracay Island would be an excellent place to write a mystery or a romantic suspense thriller. My contemporary romance is all plotted to the end. All I need to do is write the rest of the 80K to have a 90K novel. Am I inviting you? If you can afford to go by yourself, the answer is yes. If I get a multi-novel contract, we can have a retreat out here. I cannot even afford the daily meal my mother is complaining about.

Supposedly Boracay does not have typhoon weather just scattered rains of at the most 2 hours. I can picture 5 minutes on the top of the TUG BOAT during the two hours so I am monitoring the weather forecast for our departure to go back to the airport.

Getting here is like a Disney World real life amusement ride, but once you are here on the island and in a, hotel I really like it. I would not recommend it for a writer's convention because too much of an inconvenience for a blanket announcement to expect a large crowd, but a selected few with intentional comforts of travel provided, a retreat for writers with money would be excellent.

I can see my future, if I can afford it. I told my parents I do not have to go to Portland, Maine or a summer in Alaska to write my novels. Boracay Island would be fine.

The hotels have different ways to travel to the hotel from the airport. Seriously, if you decide to go to Boracay, Philippines; keep in mind the transportation for traveling to and in the island because the height accommodates five-seven and under. I do not miss Kansas City. --- Daniel Escurel Occeno

Beth said...

Congrats to everyone. Great showing, fantastic entries, and lots of hard work that showed. Take a bow.

Palooski65 said...

Congratulations to everyone that participated in JANO--my hat is off to all of you. Special kudos to those who one prizes--what a talented group you are.

Palooski65 said...

Whoops won prizes not one--senility moment! :-)