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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Speaker - Are We Alone?

The Southwest Ghost Finders will speak to Sleuths’ Ink on Saturday, October 9th.

SWGF offers professional services to anyone in the community who is in need of help. They NEVER charge for their services.

If your work-in-progress contains elements of the paranormal, you won’t want to miss this presentation.

We meet in Springfield, Missouri at The Library Station on N. Kansas. We'll have a brief business meeting at 10 AM. Our speakers begin at 11. Then we'll break for lunch at Panera around noon. Our ghost hunters have promised to stay for lunch, so we're sure to hear more stories at that time.


Palooski65 said...

Weeellll, I'd just typed 3 paragraphs and went to submit. Blanked out into cyberspace--must have a friendly little spirit peeking over my shoulder and playing tricks on me.

Enjoyed the Oct. meeting. I tend to hold tongue-in-cheek attitudes when I listen to ghost-hunters or paranormal experiences but I really found SWGF to be interesting and believable.

I think I picked up some valuable helps for my WIP which is always a plus from any meeting.

The ladies were professional in the way they talked, handled themselves, and presented their material. I especially like the fact that their FIRST act is to prove the situation scientifically. So many times, mediums, phychics, and ghost-hunters are so over-the-edge, you almost have to laugh.

I would enjoy a return visit by these ladies.

Shirley said...

Well said, Ginny. Even if we aren't believers of the paranormal, it's a very hot topic these days. Can't hurt to learn as much as we can so our stories are believable.

Definitely need to drag them in again. And I think they enjoyed us as well.