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Monday, January 18, 2010


We had a rousing mid-month update at our Sleuths' Ink meeting on Saturday. Everyone read the first page of their JANO project. Twelve beginnings were read and enjoyed by all. The genres ranged from cozy mysteries to paranormal to romantic suspense to YA historical fiction. We have a talented group of writers and these novels-to-be are promising.

Congrats to our top three JANO contenders as of last Saturday:

Shirley McCann - just under 24,000
Stephanie Jarkins - 22,750
Rose Lombardo - 20,061

By now, their word count is even higher. Hopefully, yours is as well. Let's get our second wind and bring it home for JANO.


Palooski65 said...

It was a fantastic meeting. The "snippets" that were read were tantalizing--can't wait to hear more. They certainly showcased the extraordinary talents of our group.

I love the motivational blurbs, Beth. I think I'm going to print one on a small banner and place above my computer--maybe it will KEEP me motivated.

I'm grateful for the push that JANO gave me--don't care where I place (dead last will be fine, even) because it's got me writing again.

Shirley said...

Ditto on that, Ginny. The point is we're all writing. And, although it will need a LOT of work, I'll have a new book to edit soon.