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Monday, January 18, 2010


The month is more than half over, so let's continue our excitement for JANO. I've thought of a few JANOisms to keep you inspired. Feel free to add your own and post your favorite JANOism in our comment section.

It's JANO time.
Have you had your JANO today?
Take one JANO every day.
Zero calories. JANO.
Just add JANO.
Get your JANO on.
Just JANO it.
Sugar-free JANO.
I have JANO-itis.
Pass the JANO.
Take a JANO pill.
JANO: The Write Thing.


Shirley said...

I love those! Must be all those years in advertising, huh Beth. How fun.

Palooski65 said...

I think I'm going to make me a mini-banner that reads: Let's bring it home for JANO! Notice how Beth has blessed/cursed me with the 6-worder style? Good slogan, though--intend to place it above my pc for motivation.

Great slogans, Beth--you're the bomb!!!!

Beth said...

Glad you like them. Yes, 20 years and counting in marketing and advertising helps with fun word challenges like this.

Ginny, you're right. The sixes are a blessing and a curse. I'm very obsessive about them. They're just too much fun to write.