Monday, August 27, 2018

Cop or Police Officer? KWEN GRIFFETH

Join us on September 8th as Kwen Griffeth talks about his career in Law Enforcement.

I started my law enforcement in the Army where I was a Military Policeman. My assignments were varied.

I patrolled behind the Berlin Wall before it came down. Not to arrest the Soviets, but to keep an eye on them. 

I worked regular patrol duty and traffic duty. Patrol duty is exactly what we think it is, everything gets addressed at some time. Traffic is enforcing traffic laws and investigating accidents. 

I also worked undercover narcotics for three years while in Germany. I worked with the German Polizei. 

After the military I worked for the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office in New Mexico. I graduated with Honors from my academy. 

I worked patrol in the South Valley of Bernalillo and later traffic. On the traffic detail, I investigated all fatal accidents, all major injury accidents and any accident involving a police unit. I was used as an extension of IA when working related accidents. My partner and I also had the highest felony arrest count on the department for two years. I have investigated every type of crime doable.

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