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Saturday, September 3, 2016


In today's digital age, are book signings still relevant? Let's face it, many people have completely given up paper books for the more convenient electronic readers or smart phones. It's so easy to download a book. Just a few seconds and you have a new story to read.

Here are some reasons book signings are still important for authors and readers.

  • Believe it or not, there are many people who will not give up their hard copy books. Their reasons vary. I've heard everything from the feel of a book in their hands, the smell of the ink, or the connection they have to just turning a real page.
  • Authors need to connect with readers and vice-versa. Writing is a lonely occupation and it's nice to get out there and talk to people. And readers often are in awe when they get the chance to meet one of their favorite authors.
  • It's a good way for authors to get a feel for what people are reading at the moment. And, it's an ever changing landscape. Perhaps you write mysteries. Are people interested in true crime, cozy's, or a little supernatural action? Just seeing what people are actually buying will give you a good idea.
  • For readers, it's a great way to find a new author and/or new genre to get captivated by.

This fall would be a great time to attend some book signings whether you set up to sell and sign or you go to just browse and buy. Check with your local book stores for any upcoming events. Here is a link to one where several Sleuths' authors will be selling, signing, and giving out some swag.



Tierney James said...

You are so right, Wanda. I really enjoy book signings because I meet people who in the end start following me and read my books. They are very supportive. I don't usually sell many books but the connections I make are priceless.

GPDUDA1 said...

Book signings are one of the reasons I want to have paperbacks available as opposed to just e-books like I have now. I regret not being able to participate.

Shirley said...

I think even e-book authors can participate in signings. You can always promote your books with a bookmark telling about your book and where to purchase it. You can also include a QRC for people to purchase directly from their phone.

I never thought I'd prefer to read a ebook, but the older I get, and the less I can see, I prefer the electronic version of a book. Not only can I make the print as large as I want it, I can also read while on my treadmill.

There's no reason to exclude yourself from signings just because you don't have print.

Angela Drake said...

Great points. I enjoy my eReader but nothing replaces holding a book in your hand and enjoying the beautiful artwork.

Creative Blessings - Angela