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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mark Your Calendars-- Sleuths' Ink Speaker

Dr. Larry Shaw will speak to Sleuths' Ink at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, April 12th.

Dr.  Shaw was introduced to Chiropractic care in 1958. Entered Chiropractic College in 1964 and moved to Buffalo, Missouri to start his practice in 1967. Early on he became aware that a license to practice is just "practice" with a seed of knowledge to start you on your way.

Thirsting for more knowledge in other areas of helping people to heal, he studied Kinesiology, and then Acupuncture under 5 masters at Columbia Institute of Acupuncture, and later under Eric Tao, one of the "Old barefoot doctors of China in the 40's through the 60's."

He studied Orthopedics at the Cleveland Chiropractic College and mastered Applied Kinesiology under the supervision of the father of that science, Dr. George Goodhart who originated applied kinesiology in 1964, He also studied under Dr. Walther who wrote the book Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Shaw added blood work and electrocardiographs to his practice and some things he felt were necessary, but didn't fall under description of the license.

He professes his greatest realization was that Acupuncture paralleled Chiropractic with the philosophy of both being almost identical. The only difference was Chiropractic addressed the spinal system and Acupuncture addressed the "electromagnetic system". He learned to do things with Acupuncture that could not be done with Chiropractic alone.

Dr. Shaw retired in 1995 due to bad health, hence his quest for better health progressed. He continued to study Acupuncture, and is quoted as saying, “I learned more about the science of Acupuncture in the last 18 years than I did in all my years of practice.” Currently Dr. Shaw has discovered holographs which have helped to improve his health, and at 81 years young he says he has never felt as well in general in his life.

For those of you with a curiosity about UFO’s, Dr. Shaw will also be sharing his personal extraterrestrial experience with us his

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