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Saturday, June 1, 2013


Greg Yen is a native Springfieldian who now lives in the city of Ozark. His interest in the outdoors, hunting, fishing and guns, started when he was a young child. It seems it's always been second nature to him. He's a self taught master marksman and for some time, was a competitive shooter.

Although his main job is being a hairstylist, he is also a NRA Certified Concealed Carry Weapon instructor. He teaches CCW classes regularly, gives personal shooting instruction, makes custom holsters for his own company and runs a fireworks stand in the summer months.

His goal is to teach people, interested in legally owning a firearm and having their CCW, how to be a safe and responsible a gun owner.


Join us on Saturday, June 8th to learn more about guns and the Conceal and Carry laws.


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