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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mark Alpert Guest Blogs on Thursday

A self-described lifelong "science geek," Mark Alpert majored in astrophysics at Princeton University, writing his undergraduate thesis on an application of Einstein's theory of relativity. After earning an MFA in poetry at Columbia and working as a reporter, he became an editor at Scientific American, where he simplifies bewildering scientific ideas for the magazine's readers. Mark lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

Join Mark on Thursday and comment for a chance to win a copy of his newest book, The Omega Theory. Marks topic will be Finishing the First Draft.


Beth said...

What an interesting background Mark has! I'll try and remember to charge my laptop and tune in as we drive on Thursday. If I'm not able to participate, I'll be sure and check back. Ask great questions, everyone!

Janet Kay Gallagher said...

Hi Mark
Very ingteresting.
My favorite thing you said is that
"You decided that your story should be the most interesting thing going on. TV and other distractors needed to have less interest for you, so your time could be used to best advantage." I put quotes but wrote my words.
Have to check back later. Hair Appt. now.