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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Joni us Saturday, June 12, to hear Sleuths' Ink member Toni Somers discuss REACHING OUT...VIRTUALLY. Exercise Your Writing Muscles In Online Writing Groups.

Toni's expertise in the virtual world will benefit members who are looking for online markets and online critique groups. She began writing as a "whim" in 1995, joined an online writing group and was hooked. Toni has been involved in four different online writing groups and served as owner-moderator for two of them.

Her publishing credits include Today's Woman, Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love, The Secret Place (a devotional booklet), and several local Art Center anthologies in Texas. Her future writing plans include publishing a volume of Gulf coast poetry, creative non-fiction (or fictionalized memoirs) about growing up as a child of immigrants in Detroit, and a collection of small cookbooks.

Take advantage of the virtual world of writing and critiquing. Learn how on Saturday!

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