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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Get a sneak preview of our guest blogger's thriller novel, STOP ME, before next week! View his web site at http://www.richardjayparker.com

Read the unique premise of his novel regarding an email/vacation killer and hear the suspenseful music! This book is a real page turner. Remember, one lucky writer/reader who comments on the 15th will receive a free copy of STOP ME.

Reminder--the date he guest blogs is Tuesday, Dec. 15.


Beth said...

Sleuths, remember to watch this site tomorrow! Thriller author Richard Jay Parker will discuss his publishing experience, why he likes thrillers, how he promotes his book on Twitter and more.

And...one of you will receive a FREE copy of his debut thriller, STOP ME.

jerry-mac johnston said...

Richard seems to have covered all the challenges we face about getting our work out there. I don't have any questions, but after reading about his book i sure want to be in on the drawing and wish him the best with his writing.