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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Writers Make Life Interesting/Mystery is the Spice

Hi, Glad to receive the invite.
The story I just finished, STORM SURPRISE!
Got sent in an open e-mail. I want to thank all of
you for the instruction on how to get it from the word
processor to the e-mail. Special Thanks to Shirley McCann
for the several e-mails on what to do after that.
3500 words was 13 printed pages. It took awhile to get it
lined out after getting it to the correct location. Now the
wait for the winner to be chosen in December 09.
I hope Good Housekeeping likes my First Online Submission!
Elsie, Betty Jo, Claudette and I had a wonderful time at the
Sleuth's Ink meeting last Saturday. We appriciate everyone
being so outgoing, welcoming and your willingness to help us.
We are learning new things each time we meet with you.
Congratulation to Pat on winning the Blog Contest. Loved that
Story. Betty Jo and I are preparing our stories to submit to
Ellery Queen, Department of First Stories. The encouragement
you give,spurs us to the action needed to follow our dreams.


Shirley said...

Great to see you on the blog, Jan. And good luck on your story submission. I think Beth entered the Good Housekeeping contest too. Way to go, ladies.

Don't forget about the Springfield Writer's Guild contest at http://www.swgsite.org/contests.html

Beth said...

Good luck, Jan. I hope we both win!


Beth said...
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