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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Worst and The Best - Rejection

I've received many rejections over the years. Some left me feeling positive about my writing even though it was still a rejection. And some, I'm afraid, have left me with doubts about my ability to concoct a story on paper.

So what's the BEST rejection you've ever received?

And what's the WORST rejection you've ever received?

I'll start the ball rolling. The best rejection I've ever received was for a young adult novel I sent out years ago. I'd found the publisher in The Writers Market and sent them the manuscript. The letter I received in response said, "You write well. Why don't you try a young adult market?"
Well, according to The Writer's Market, I DID try a young adult market.

The worst rejection was also for a young adult submission, although not the same story. I had queried an agent about the book, and he requested the first three chapters and a synopsis. He wrote back and said, "Sorry, I wasn't as impressed as I'd hoped I'd be."

Anyone else care to share?


Beth said...

My best rejection was from Woman's World where they said something like: "Cute story. Please resubmit this in August for our February issue. No promises." (I don't like to think about the "no promises" part.)

Worst was also from WW where I got a form letter with no comments for a darling romantic fiction story I wrote. I just knew they'd love it. Sigh.

I'll be sending out my women's fiction novel in a few months (still editing). Now that will have me on the edge of my seat...

Louise said...

The best rejections were when I was first starting out, and looking back at my then manuscripts they were awful! Grammar bad, spelling worse, tippex splodges (it was a long time ago), I had hand written rejections, fantastic tips and P.S's with "don't give up - you have talent!"

Now, I'm lucky if I receive a standard rejection! Bah....