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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tip Toe Bandit

Do I want to know about the tip toe bandit??? Or will I be hearing him/her every night when I wake? The only crime that has happened to me recently was someone stole the gnomes off my porch. I'm told this is a cool thing to do. Also someone stole my solar lights but I knew who was at the house and confronted him.

I have a neighbor - not too far away - who is a bit unbalanced and Police presence is visible occasionally. Also have been told of meth houses in my neighborhood. The day we signed the papers on this house 7 years ago we heard on the news of a murder about 3 blocks over. If I had known that I probably wouldn't have bought the house. But all in all, I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. Doesn't sound like it does it. I take that back. It isn't quiet at all. One of the neighbors has teen age boys - they have a friend who blasts out our windows with his car radio regularly - usually late at night.


Shirley McCann said...

I wanna hear more about the murder? Did they find out who did it?

Connie said...

I knew to the tip toe bandit thing. Are you talking about a bandit that stealths around like the old fashion Cat Burgulars?