Sunday, January 27, 2013

JANO is less than one week from completion. People from all over the world have signed up for this 4th annual event.

Our JANO party year is scheduled forf Saturday February 2, 2013 at The Event Center on Republic Road in Springfield, MO.  Looks like seventeen of our 50 participants will be able to attend this event.

Prizes will be awarded at this time. The following categories are:

1st Person to reach 50,000
  • 2nd Person to reach 50,000
    3rd Person to reach 50,000
    Best Title
    Best First Sentence
    Best First Page – This is read at the JANUARY 12th, meeting
    Best Blurb – 100 words or less
    Best Title
    Best Blurb – 100 words or less
    Best Blurb – 100 words or less
Also, check out the poem by JANO participant Cindy Blackburn. It's appropriately called Lightning Writing.
Happy Writing.