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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Join Us For JANO 2011

Again this year, Sleuths' Ink will sponsor JANO 2011. You've heard of NaNo. We call our write-a-novel-in-a-month JANO (because it begins in January!) The goal is to write like mad (no editing) beginning Jan. 1 and end up with a 50,000-word novel that you can edit the rest of the year.

What a great way to kick off 2011. Start a new novel or add to a work in progress (any genre). While you're wrapping those gifts, start thinking of a great premise. Start plotting now. Get your character bios ready. But, remember, NO ACTUAL WRITING until Jan. 1, 2011.

With help from many donors and SI members, we award GREAT prizes at a celebratory party in February. Categories include best title, best first sentence, most unique plot, the first three writers to reach 50,000 words and more. Note: You do not have to be a Sleuths' Ink member to win these prizes. Last year we had participants from four different states!

In addition, one lucky SI member will win a Kindle at Saturday's holiday party! In order to qualify for the Kindle next year, you must be a member of Sleuths' Ink (just $15/year).

To sign up for JANO 2011, contact Stephanie Jarkins at skoyless@gmail.com Hope you join us for JANO 2011. It's fun. Try it. You'll be glad you got your JANO on.