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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There’s a PI Aboard Ship! August Speaker: C. Patrick Neagle

Ever wanted to learn about life at sea (for months on end) aboard a U.S. Naval Ship? Maybe you prefer being on land and hearing about private investigators? Either way, you’re in luck. Our August 14 Sleuths’ Ink speaker, C. Patrick Neagle, will address both topics, so you’ll get a two-for-one at this meeting.

Patrick teaches college-level English classes aboard a U.S. Naval ship—a job he has held since 2001. He’s at sea for six months at a time and recently visited such interesting locales as Israel, Crete and Jordan. Patrick will give us insight into ship life, the size of the ship, the food, communing with other passengers, storms, seasickness and more.

In his other life, Patrick’s a private investigator and hopes to open his own PI office someday. Hear how he became a PI, what training/education/ licensing is involved, and the types of people or companies who hire private investigators. We hope to hear about some of his most interesting cases—and what a fun character this would be! Whether you’re creating a character who is a PI, hiring a PI, dating a PI, or have a vendetta against one, you’ll learn some handy tricks of the trade for your novel.

You won’t want to miss this jam-packed meeting. And Patrick’s funny to boot! He’s a Sleuths’ Ink member (although he rarely attends meetings since he’s at sea). Follow his blog, Goblinbrook, at http://goblinbrook.net/.