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Thursday, May 13, 2010

President Shirley McCann Speaking Saturday

Sleuths' Ink President Shirley McCann will speak to the Ozarks Writers' League (OWL) at College of the Ozarks on Saturday. Shirley will speak about writing and submitting short stories, as well as her success in the short story market. Learn how to submit, what to submit, and to whom from this prolific, successful short story writer.

Don't worry, Sleuths. Shirley is slated to speak to us during 2010!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Meeting - Write-in!!!

Our Sleuths' Ink meeting on Saturday, May 8, will be a coveted write-in! Let's take advantage of the time to do some great writing. This will be perfect for our JANO members who haven't touched their JANO projects since, oh, say, Jan. 31 (if you're like me).

This will also be a great time to try poetry or writing a short story. Maybe you want to write a nice note to Mom or your kids for Mother's Day.
Also, there are many spring contests so you use this time to spruce up your entries. We can all get a lot done in one hour of concentrated writing.

Just bring your laptop, legal pad (or whatever you write with) and join us. The coffee is always great and the writerhood (my new, coined phrase) is even better. Since writing is so solitary, it will be nice to be in a room with like-minded folks doing what they love best. See you Saturday!