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Friday, July 24, 2009

Top Three Unsolved Crimes In Springfield

Unfortunately, Springfield is no stranger to murder! I'm listing what I consider to be the top three murders in our local area. Of course, this is just in my lifetime. I'm sure there are many I've forgotten or just don't know about.

3. The Revelle Murders. A local banker was accused of murdering his wife to cover up the fact that he'd stolen large sums of money from his bank. He was tried and convicted, but the sentence was later overturned.

2. The Feeney Murders. A nurse from a local hospital failed to show up for shift. When police were called to investigate, they discovered the bodies of the nurse and her two children. Her husband was tried and acquitted.

1. The Three Missing Women. This one because it's never been solved. Obviously, with no bodies ever found, we can only assume this is a murder case. But after all these years.....?

These have always been fresh on my mind. Can you think of more? Do you think these three murders will ever be solved?