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Saturday, February 25, 2017



Please enjoy this guest post by Sleuths' member Rosalie Lombardo. She is not only a talented writer, but also a Certified Natural Health Professional and Enzyme Digestive Health Specialist.

Note: This was meant to run in January, but things happen. After all, beginnings aren't just for the first of the year. Spring is also known for fresh starts.

 New Beginnings

                 Each January, in many places throughout the world, people celebrate the beginning of a new year.
            Starting something new is a gift for everyone. Writers, in particular, are used to starting something new. New beginnings are not exclusively designated as an annual occurrence; they happen every month, week, day, hour and minute. They originate when the writer decides to start an endeavor.
            Writers construct innovations the instant they compose a new word, a sentence, a thought, a story. They are a special breed of people who constantly celebrate new beginnings. All beginnings are just new choices. This holds true with any undertaking. The choice to start fresh exists for everyone and it belongs exclusively to the choice maker. No one else owns that power.
            We can choose to cast aside unwanted patterns, to continue or eliminate a habit, to think positively or negatively, but what eludes most of us is the awareness that we are the only creator in our minds.
            Creation starts with one tiny step immediately after saying “I choose.” That moment is when the magic of change occurs. No matter what direction our decision takes us, the creator has to launch the first step.
            Writers like us are accustomed to making choices, taking first steps, and creating. The advantage with new beginnings emerges from our regular exercise of writing. Most writers don’t realize the blessing this process affords them.
            I see a parallel with writing and choice; if a writer can readily start a new thought for a story, he can just as easily apply new thoughts toward creating something different in his life (a new page, a new habit, a new path.)
            I believe the familiarity writers have with new beginnings can be transferred to choices made in everyday life. I choose. It is my decision. What does my spirit want to do today? The common theme is me, myself, and I.
            Once you take the first step, the results can be all you’ve ever imagined. Re-creating yourself might seem like a big order, but you start with that one first step.
            Every day we create our world through the choices we make the instant we open our eyes. What kind of world will you create when you open your eyes this New Year? As for me, I choose to create happiness and to expand that happiness by wishing you all Many Happy New Beginnings. Until next year.