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Sunday, February 5, 2012


The JANO party last night had 18 people in attendance with great food, fun, and amazing writing talents.

First three to 50,000 winners were, C. Patrick Neagle, Nicole Zoltack, Sharon Smith. Each will receive a special goody bag with the JANO logo on it filled with wonderful writing paraphernalia.

Nine folks total won JANO by writing 50,000 in one month. The six other winners were: Joe Pollock, Lynn Frederickson, Stephanie Jarkins, Becky Cline, B.K. Stevens and Jan Gallagher.

We had an extra raffle drawing with the names of the other six JANO 50,000 word winners. Jan Gallagher won the draw and chose the ORA conference registration certificate .

The seven other category winners as determined by anonymous ballot vote of the JANO party attendees were:

Best Title: "Fooling Around with Cinderella" by Stacy Juba - B&N gift card.
Best Character Name: tie for first "Mr. Prickles (a hedgehog)" - Beverly Crandell and "Nigel Rasputin Farsworth Banks" by Cecily Cornelius-White - prize baskets
Best Occupation: "Intergalactic Babysitter" by Avery Cornelius-White - prize basket
Best First Line: "Beads have personalities." by Stephanie Jarkins - Cait London critique.
Best First Page: From "After Ever After" by Karen Nelson - prize basket.
Best Plot: from "Facing Shadows" by Beverly Crandell - prize basket.
Best Blurb: from "After Ever After" by Karen Nelson - prize basket.

Thanks to all the donors: Cait London, ORA, Panera Bread, McAlisters Deli, Springfield Brewing Company, Renaissance Books, Shirley McCann, Beth Carter, Kelly Henkins, Cecily Cornelius-White, Sandra Cox, B.K. Stevens, Wanda Fittro, and Terry McDermid.

Congratulations everyone! Thanks to all the hard work and generous donors everyone at the party was able to receive a door prize!

We also have terrific news, Kelly Henkins has volunteered to chair JANO 2013. Thanks Kelly! You'll do a bang up job for sure!

by Stephanie Jarkins