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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


  1. At the fourth week, pink dragons are just fine in my text as long as they are described well.
  2. Have an outline, otherwise the pink dragons start killing off characters for no reason.
  3. Writing is work! Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t written enough!
  4. Writers’ block” is an indulgence of the indolent.
  5. When scenes are flowing a thousand words flies by; when it is all mucked up, a hundred words is a victory.
  6. The highlighter tool is the most valuable one in my toolbar.
  7. Different font colors for the different POVs has saved my hide more than once.
  8. JANO isn’t the end of the world, I need my family and friends to keep my tenuous grip on so-called ‘reality.’
  9. Perfectionism is the murderer of JANO. Just type it – d*mn it!
  10. Have fun, it ain’t worth doin’ if I ain’t havin’ fun!